Top Items in Your Home with Germs!

Your home has some very dirty items lurking with germs and such! Check out this list with some of the germiest items in your home!

  • Kitchen Sponge or Dish Rag

We have all heard about how dirty you kitchen sponges are! These kitchen items generallyKitchen-Sponges test positive for bacteria that can cause illness, like Salmonella or the influenza virus. Every time you scrub your counters, floors, or dishes, you could be spreading all the germs around!

  • Kitchen Sink

The kitchen sink has ten times the amount of germs than the average toilet seat! Your sink comes into contact with food particles from cutting boards, plates, and more; then, the moisture on scraps of food encourages germ growth.

  • Toothbrushes

Germs from your mouth contaminate your toothbrush on a daily basis. Not to mention, if Toothbrushesyou store you toothbrush in the bathroom, airborne bacteria will make its way onto your toothbrush.

  • Electronics

Your smart phone or TV remote control harbor lots of germs from all the things we expose them to, especially from our hands. You may take your phone in the bathroom or have numerous people passing around the remote!

  • Bath Towels

When your bath towel remain damp or wet for half an hour or so, they become a breeding ground for mildew and bacteria. Then, if you consistently reuse your towel, you may be increasing your exposure to the bacteria or aggravating your skin.

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