3 Tips to Avoid the Flu this Winter

It’s that time of year again! Time to do all you can to avoid catching the flu this winter! Follow these three simple tips to kick start your way to a healthy winter season.

Tip 1: Cover Up

Believe it or not, the flu virus replicates more easily in the cold, and it can actually develop a protective, thick shell to make it harder to eradicate during this time of year. By covering up your hands and nose, you are protecting the coldest areas of the body that may cause the virus spread.

Tip 2: Wash Your Hands

When you are at work or even at home, make sure you wash your hands frequently! We tend to trap germs in low circulation environments, allowing the virus to harbor in places that we think are safe. All throughout the day, we unknowingly rub our eyes, touch our mouths, and scratch our noses. Clean hands will ensure that you don’t allow the flu virus access to these vital entryways.

Tip 3: Take Vitamin D

Most individuals tend to load up on Vitamin C to prevent catching a virus, but research shows that Vitamin D has more added benefits to the immune system on a cellular level. Your body naturally produces Vitamin D when you are in the sun. With little or no exposure to the sun during the winter season, boost your intake of Vitamin D through your diet or a supplement.

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