What is Going on in Fulshear!

The Metamorphosis of Fulshear

Fulshear is witnessing the next phase of its ongoing transformation from a small, quiet town located on the far outskirts of a major city, to becoming a thriving town within the “City.”  The westward growth has continued unabated and will soon wash over Fulshear.  Here, are just a few of the latest developments.
Widening of FM 1093:  The extension for widening FM 1093 from Spring Green thru downtown Fulshear and terminating at James Lane will be accomplished in two phases. The first phase is underway (you may have noticed the clearing and the surveying taking place) and will stretch from where the divided lanes currently end just west of Spring Green and will extend to just past Cross Creek Ranch.  In mid to late summer, the final phase will commence with the widening extending thru downtown Fulshear onward to James Lane. Construction is to include sidewalks, pedestrian ramps and landscaping.  There is no discounting that this will be a major catalyst to spur even more growth.
Walmart Center: The 18-acre project at the corner of FM 1093 and FM 1463 broke ground last year and will include a Walmart Super Center, gas station, Home Depot, Burlington, Chick-Fil-A, Xscape Movie Theater Complex, Petsmart, Tuesday Morning, Ross, T.J. Maxx, Whataburger, Panda Express, Spring Creek, free standing restaurants and more.
HEB:   When I first moved here in 1989, the first question always asked was “where is the nearest grocery store?”  That has now been answered by both the Kroger’s at Spring Green and now the new HEB that is scheduled to open this week.  It is located at the corner of FM 1463 and Fulshear Bend Drive (Cinco Ranch Blvd). Highlights of what HEB will offer include: Curbside Pickup, Healthy Living; Bulk foods, a Drive-thru lane for convenient service, dedicated pick-up and drop-off counters, immunizations, a patient education room, Sushiya and Wine.
Polo Ranch: This new 218-acre development just broke ground and is located directly across from Fulbrook and Weston Lakes and stretches to Rogers Road on the north.  Due to the increased acquisition cost of the land, the developer is doing smaller 45-foot, 50-foot and 60-foot wide Lots on 168 acres. There will also be 32-acres of commercial, 10 acres for parks and

 a 1- acre Recreational Center. The main builder will be Beazer Homes.  You can’t stop development and progress, but I believe this community will increase the value of Weston Lakes and other Fulshear area communities that have much larger Lots.
New 245 acres on FM 359:  This 245-Acre tract broke ground last month and is located at the corner of FM 359 and Hunt Road.  This will be a significant development and the first major new residential community north of downtown Fulshear.

Texana Center:  I had the opportunity to attend a fund raiser for Texana. I have to admit, I knew little about how they helped disadvantaged children. Very heartwarming. They are opening their latest facility on the west side of FM 359, north of the Fulshear Post Office.  It is a 14.5-Acre facility developed in phases. Phase I will have two classrooms and a retail center at a cost of $1.5 million and will serve as an “incubator” for training and intern positions.  It will include Décor & More and a coffee shop.
Fulshear Village:  This will be one of the most exciting additions to downtown Fulshear.  I was fortunate to have sold the land to the developer, George Lane of Fulshear Investments.  The subject property is located on FM 359 and what will soon be the intersection of Huggins Road just north of Dozier’s. Huggins Road is planned to be a major east/west collector and will connect Fulshear High School to FM 359.  There is not a definite start date for Fulshear Village; yet it is getting closer.  Below is a conceptual view of the complex which will be home to restaurants, retail and possibly lofts.
Thrive Church:  They purchased a 6-Acre tract in downtown Fulshear along Wallis Street.  The plans call for a Worship Center along with an Education, Youth, Children and Fellowship areas with ancillary support facilities.  There will also be outdoor recreation facilities and Child care services. They have created architectural drawings and a site plan and are working with the City of Fulshear to get the approval to start construction.
La Balance:  For those that remember George T’s which was located at the corner of FM 359 and 4th Street, this is the latest restaurant owner to give it a try at the same location. The original location was popular and was located on Westheimer Park Way & Fry Road, but fell victim to Hurricane Harvey. We’ve seen, fast food, Mexican and Italian. So, why not a nice French Restaurant?  I’m hoping for the best.  We need another successful restaurant.
Office Warehouse Complex:  I was fortunate to represent the Seller for the property located at the corner of Rogers Road and FM 359.  We divided the land into two parcels. The developer of the 10-acre portion is Realty1 Partners and has plans for a high-end office warehouse complex.  Being just outside the Fulshear City limits, this would be a very suitable use.  It will

 also be the first major commercial development on FM 359 north of Fulshear.  Once the proverbial “ice” is broken, it won’t be long before others follow. The remaining 3-Acre “hard corner” is set to Close by the end of the month.
Domino’s: Located behind Ace Hardware on 359 is Domino’s pizza. A convenient location and great new addition to Fulshear.
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Springtime in Winter!

Phil0218Punxsutawney Phil may have seen his shadow forecasting more winter, yet Spring is coming early for the housing market.  The market results for January may not be realized in the actual numbers, yet I can “feel” the market changing for the better.  As insight, I have (19) properties in Pending Status. No matter how you characterize it, that is a lot! Most impressive, (6) of these were Contracted on in less than 10-days and another (3) in less than (17) days.  Phones are ringing and Buyers are buying.  Unfortunately, not all Listings are getting the activity they deserve.  But, “a rising tide lifts all boats”.  And, that means as we move more towards a balanced market between Buyers and Sellers, more Listings will see an increase in activity.
Market Results for or all of Zip Code 77441:  
January posted less than favorable results.  Although Active Listing posted a slight decline, there was a dramatic drop in both the number of homes in Pending Status and those that Sold.  Difficult to explain declines of 25% as anything other than disheartening results.  As mentioned though, the numbers do not accurately portray what is actually happening in the market place.  The non-measurable signs that you can “feel” or sense, just need to filter their way into the “numbers” category. As such, I believe we will see improvement starting next month.  Summary of the results are below:
                                                            January       December     Change         % Change
Total Active Listings                              223               230              -7                   -3.0%
Listings in Pending Status                      99                79                +8                 -25.4%
Homes that Sold & Closed                      33                43                -10                 -23%
Below are the January results by Community.
Weston Lakes: The results were not overly positive. In January, there was an increase in the number of Active Listings, a slight drop in homes in Pending Status and also a drop in the number of homes that Sold.  The numbers lie though!  Why? The homes that Sold, were contracted in December, so it would be typical to have a slower number of homes that Close in January.  Importantly, I am beginning to see a rush of Buyers entering the market. Agents are also calling our office to see what homes we have coming up.  Of the 7-homes in Pending status, I have over half of them. Of these, we were able to get Contracts on (2) in less than a week!  So, from my perspective, the market “feels” like it is doing much better.

Below is a Summary of the results for January.
For more detailed information, please click on the below:
Fulbrook:  The results for Fulbrook continue to be more than impressive.  It is actually good news that the Active inventory doubled, albeit rising from just (1) to now (2)! This is probably the only community that needs more homes on the market. Just curious though, where are all the New Homes? Not having them sure helps the Resales though, with less competition. There is (1) Listing in Pending Status and that is mine. It will be there for a while too, as it is a long-term Closing. There is also (1) that Sold.  It was a New home. It is good news it Sold, as it was on the market for too long and didn’t compete with the Resales.
Below is a Summary of the results for January.

For more detailed information, please click on the below:

Fulbrook On Fulshear Creek: There is a “heartbeat” and the patient is beginning to respond!  This is the first good month in a long time and I hope it foretells more good things to come. The Active inventory has plummeted to just (14).  This is less than half of what it was just a few short months ago. The reason?  There are actually Buyers doing what Buyers are supposed to do…buy. And, they did.  There are now (6) homes in Pending Status of which (2) were Resales.  Considering there was only (1) last month, this is good news.  Only (1) home Sold and that was a New home.  Overall, not great news, yet it does look like the market for residents is moving in the right direction.  Now, would be a smart time for Buyers to take advantage of this opportunity
Below is a Summary of the results for January.
For more detailed information, please click on the below:
Cross Creek Ranch: The results for January belie what I believe is occurring in the market place.  By the numbers, the results for January would not be exceptionally positive with an increase in Active inventory, a decrease in those in Pending Status and a significant drop in those that Sold.  How could that be good news?  Well, I think it is.  Active inventory remains low.  The lower number of those in Pending would be typical for January.  Only (19) homes may have Sold, which is a significant decline from December’s (27), yet again, for January that would not be atypical.  Being in the market every day, you gain a sense of what is happening. I am witnessing an undercurrent of activity that is the predecessor for an improving market which I believe will be realized next month.  We’ll see.
Below is a Summary of the results for January.

For more detailed information, please click on the below:

Fulshear Run: We added the new community of Fulshear Run last month because we expect this community to be a significant contribution to the greater Fulshear area.  For a new community, the initial results have been very rewarding.  Especially, when considering that their price point starts in the $500,000 range.  The New home inventory is just (2) and there was (1) home that Sold. However, this Trendmaker home set a new benchmark selling for over $800,000 and at a very impressive $194 per square foot.

Below is a Summary of the results for January.

SUMMARY:  Let’s just say good riddance 2017. Although every year has its bright spots, for our market area, it was a challenging year. We “weathered” both the drop in oil prices and, of course, the impact of Harvey.  All that is past, and everything now looks bright.  The stock market is booming (even with the latest drop), oil prices stabilized and are trending upwards, unemployment is low with rising wages, relocations are beginning again and the rise in interest rates will be a motivator for Buyers to buy.  They will do so to capitalize on historic low rates before they rise too high and before home prices also rise. Thus, if inventory of Active homes remains in balance, this could be a very good year for both Buyers and Sellers.  Sellers will begin to see rising prices and shorter “days on the market’. Buyers will see their current homes appreciating and will feel more confident in selling theirs and moving up. In fact, ‘m already beginning to see the fundamental “signs” (Sold signs) of this happening.  Just like tulips begin to flower in Spring, so it looks like the market is also getting ready to bloom.
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The Real Estate Market in 2018


The Forecast for the Fulshear/Katy Real Estate Market

It is the start of the New Year, so I thought it would be helpful to provide my forecast for 2018.  My crystal ball is a bit cloudy, so better for me to base predictions on more reliable trend lines that are below.

Like anything, it is how you look at the data.  National results do not necessarily translate to Houston. In fact, Houston is somewhat contrarian since our economy is linked to energy more so than any other region in the nation. Our local Fulshear/Katy market is even more closely linked to the health of the oil and gas industry, since we are in the backyard of the energy capital of the world. The charts below are global to the Houston area and thus not specific to our market. Unfortunately, our local market results will begin the year trending a bit more negatively; resulting in more Active Listings, longer Days On Market and lesser Sales Activity. That is, until the energy sector continues to recover, then the reverse will be true.

The good news is that all the trend lines indicate that 2018 will be a better year than 2017.  The Tax Cut that was recently passed will spur the economy.  Yet, I’m not quite sure what the impact will be regarding the $10,000 cap on deductions for property and sales taxes.  It won’t affect the lower

and mid-range properties, but I’m not sure about the higher priced homes.  However, most Buyers purchase their primary residence on emotion and not on tax benefits.  So, I don’t foresee this as a significant issue.
As mentioned, the most important factor affecting our market will be the price of oil and gas.If oil stabilizes above $60 per barrel or higher, our market will do very well. The stock market is another concern.  How high can it go is the definitive question?  Experts say higher.  It will adjust at some point, but as long as there is not a burst or  a huge

correction, then we’ll be fine.  North Korea will be the biggest unknown.  Will Rocket Man, Kim Jung Un, dismantle his nuclear
weapons; ones North Korea has committed to building for over a quarter century?  If not, do we do a pre-emptive strike?  Will this be a repeat of the Days of October and the Cuban missile crises? Who knows, and who knows what the impact will be.  Yet, every year has uncertainty.  This year will be no different.
My prediction?  The year will start off reasonably good and will get even better as we approach Spring.  The year will end as one of the best in the last several years.


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June Fulshear/Katy Housing Report


Results for June were truly mixed and were most influenced by which neighborhood in which you live.  Those residents in more mature neighborhoods with less New Homes, such as Weston Lakes, faired pretty well in June. Those living in communities where New Homes comprise a significant percentage of the market, such as Cross Creek Ranch, did not do quite as well.  However, regardless of the community, the cloud hanging over all is the lack of a significant number of Buyers to begin absorbing an oversupply of inventory.

Weston Lakes: The number of Active homes remained exactly the same at just (50).  This is good news and means that the Sold activity kept pace with New Listings.  Also, rewarding to witness were the (12) homes in Pending Status which is up a bit from May and supports continued Buyer activity.  There were (8) that Closed which would be average, yet the Sold Price Per Square Foot was pleasing at $131.


Fulbrook: The number of Active homes on the market dropped by one to just (5).  That is two months in a row with lowering inventory. Very good news!  There is just (1) home in Pending Status, but with such low inventory, that too is good news.   More importantly, there were (2) Closings and they averaged over $200 per square foot.  Again, more good news.  So, across the board, Fulbrook residents should be pleased with the results in June and be able to look forward with renewed confidence. 


Fulbrook On Fulshear Creek: It is proving to be quite a challenge for residents here that are wanting to sell their home.  The good news is that the number of Active Listings dropped in June to (22) which was down from May’s (28) but equal to April’s.  However, the concern is the lack of Buying activity.  There are no homes in Option Pending, which means no homes went under contract in the last 2-weeks.  There are (8) in Pending though, which is a bright spot.  However, there were only (2) that Closed in June.   That would mean with (22) in Active and (2) that Closed, then at this rate there is (11) months of inventory on the market.


Cross Creek Ranch: The market dynamics are somewhat similar to that of Fulbrook On Fulshear Creek; in that residents in both communities are in a fierce battle with the New Homes.  In June, the total number of Active homes on the market remained nearly the same as May with (164).  That is good news on the surface. However, (74) of these, or 45%, are New Homes.  Yet, of the (56) Listings in Pending Status, New Homes comprised 61% of the activity.  So, there are lesser New Homes, but they are significantly out-performing the Resales.  The same is true for those that Sold.  There were a total of (36) and 49% were New Homes.  So, it’s a war against the New and homeowners must figure out how best to compete. We’re happy to help show you how! 


Market Results for or all of Zip Code 77441: Overall, results were encouraging, yet just on the margins.  The most rewarding result is that the number of Active Listings declined, albeit ever so slightly.  However, that is much better than an increase. So, good news.  The number of homes in Pending Status increased significantly while the number of Closing remained almost the same as in May.  Overall, the results would indicate stability. Unfortunately, the market is stable at a precarious level.  If you take the total inventory of Active homes and those in Pending (395) and divide that by the number of Closings (56), then that would mean there is 14-months of Inventory on the market.  Not good news!

                                                                   June             May          Change       % Change

Total Active Listings                              302               310              -8               -2.6%

Listings in Pending Status                        93                85                8                9.4%

Homes that Sold & Closed                       56                58               -2              00.3%

SUMMARY:  In June, all three categories that comprise Active inventory, Pending and Sales posted reasonable results.  However, these results are compared to preceding months which were not good. The below picture is a visual metaphor of the market. Overall, there are the remains of dark clouds hanging over the market due to an over-abundance of Active homes on the market coupled with a lack of sufficient number of Buyers.  Some communities are experiencing scattered thunder storms as they try to weather the storm against the New Home Builders.  Other communities have some rays of sunshine peeking thru the dark clouds as inventory remains stable and signs of improvement are witnessed.  Yet, for all residents in Zip Code 77441, the challenge facing Sellers and Agents alike is to confront the reality that there simply are too few Buyers chasing too much inventory.

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Improve Your Mood with These 5 Decorating Tips

Your home is your sanctuary, your refuge from the world. Being in your home should make you feel good, and the decor you choose can influence your mood both positively and negatively. Whether is it through a color palette or lighting component, you can use elements of design to enhance your mood.


In neuro-architecture, there are 5 areas of brain activity to consider when creating a space that will boost your mood: sensation and perception, learning and memory, decision-making, emotion, and movement.  By addressing the power of each of these senses, you can create the ideal space for your lifestyle.

Improve your sensation and perception by changing your home’s lighting.  A dampening, dark home feels restrictive and dismal. Remove overbearing lights, and replace them with more subtle options such as dimmers or lamps to create ambiance. Natural light is an easy way to evoke freshness and positivity, so open up your window treatments during daylight hours.

Strengthen your learning and memory abilities by incorporating various geometric objects or shapes. Curved or rounded furniture or décor encourages a feeling of contentment and relaxation.

Informed decision making can stem from creative, functional organization. When things are too cluttered an individual will tend to go with the easiest, stress-free option. For example, display fruits in a decorative bowl on your dining table instead of next to your kitchen counter canisters. Or, place a laundry bin in the area you most frequently undress. Efficient organization makes access to good decisions simple & easy.

Bringing touches of life and nature into your home can improve your mood and emotional well-being.  You don’t need a green thumb to grow a few easy houseplants such as pothos, Chinese evergreen or a spider plant. Artwork or collectibles with nature themes can also help create soothing feeling.

Finally, focus on how movement can play a part in your response to your home. A change in environment helps improve mood, so keep your decor from becoming stagnate by deep-cleaning your space and re-arranging your furniture floorplan every few years.

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How to Design a Guest Bedroom

Because your guest room is place where family and friends stay while in town, it requires an innovative design approach when compared to other rooms in your home. As the host, you want to make this space inviting and comfortable, and ensure that it appeals to many different people. It is beneficial to design a functional, relaxing space that any guest would be happy to spend the night in.

Creating the Perfect

Choose Inviting Colors

Studies across the board have shown that colors directly affect mood, and choosing the right color palette can go a long way to create a calm, inviting atmosphere for your guest room. Choose a light, warm wall color such as butter, peach or ivory to give the space a cozy vibe. If you prefer a more soothing look, opt for a cool tone on the walls such as aqua, sage or lilac. You can incorporate brighter or richer shades as accent colors through décor accessories such as window treatments, throw rugs and throw pillows to add visual interest.

Add Multipurpose Furniture

Consider using multipurpose furniture to maximize your space so guests are comfortable and the room remains functional for you. If your guest room has to double as a home office or sitting area, a convertible sofa or a day bed is an ideal option since you can still utilize them when guests aren’t visiting. Especially in a small space, multipurpose furnishings provide additional storage so visitors have some place to organize their belongings. You might add a bench with storage beneath the seat at the foot of the bed, or set an ottoman with storage next to the bedside. A trundle bed is a preferable option if you typically have guests with children.

Lighting is Everything

Guests may be a bit tired from traveling, and they will appreciate your extra attention to the room’s window treatments. Not only decorative, a great set of solid shades or curtains can prevent the morning sun from interrupting your guest’s sleep. You can even layer sheer curtains behind your window treatment so guests have the option of letting natural light in during the day! Proper bedside lighting can also create a dreamy ambiance for guests.

Gender Neutral

The overall design elements of a guest room should accommodate a male or female guest, keep your bedding clean and simple. Visual interest can be added with patterned pillows or a statement wall piece.

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Arts Fulshear Summer Camps 2016

With summer in full swing, it can be a great time of year to find summer camp programs for the kids! And, what better way to go than choosing our local Arts Fulshear as a place for your kids to explore the arts, theatre, dancing and more.

Starting June 6th, Arts Fulshear will open a series of summer camp programs for ages five to fifteen. With online registration options now available, consider enrolling your child in anything from junior theatre to scrapbooking!

Arts Fulshear.jpg

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